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The Ultimate Revelation Of Google Product List.

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Talking about companies of the 21st century, Google is the name of the best company among them. And its products and services are also liked and used almost all over the world. Google product list and services are mostly on top of new technology and invention.

By the way, Google is an American company, and its parent company named Alphabet. The Alphabet Company is also a Tech Company, and its founder is Larry Page and Sergey Brin, And recently, Mr. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, also became CEO of Alphabet.

Google is known all over the world for its state-of-the-art technology and products.

Today we are going to know about the Google product list and its services to its customers.

First of all, let us know that Google is now providing a Total of 251 products and services. Some of those products are hardware, and some are software, and some are services.

Among of the total 251 products, 45 products are of hardware that we are going to discuss further, and 14 are services, and the rest are software products we are going to talk about.

Let’s know one by one what all Google products and services.

First we will know about:

  • Software products:
  1. Web-based products
  2. Developing tools
  3. Operating systems
  4. Mobile application
  5. Desktop application
  • Hardware products:
  1. Search appliances
  2. Google Nexus One
  3. Google Nexus S
  4. Google Galaxy Nexus
  5. Google Nexus Q
  6. Google Nexus 7 (2012)
  7. Google Nexus 7 (2013)
  8. Google Nexus 4
  9. Google Nexus 5
  10. Google Nexus 6
  11. Google Nexus 9
  12. Google Nexus 10
  13. Google Nexus 5X
  14. Google Nexus 6P
  15. Google Nexus Player
  16. Google Chromebook Pixel
  17. Google PixelBook
  18. Google PixelBook Go
  19. Google Pixel C
  20. Google Pixel Slate 
  21. ” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Google Wifi
  22. Google Pixel
  23. Google Pixel XL
  24. Google Pixel 2
  25. Google Pixel 2 XL
  26. Google Pixel 3
  27. Google Pixel 3 XL
  28. Google Pixel 3A
  29. Google Pixel 3A XL
  30. Google Pixel 4
  31. Google Pixel 4 XL
  32. Google Nest Labs
  33. Google Android One Smartphone
  34. Google Jamboard
  35. Google Stadia Controler
  • Google Services:
  1. Google Cloud Platform
  2. Google Crisis Response
  3. Google Fi
  4. Google Fiber
  5.  Google Get Your Business Online
  6. Google Station 
  7. Google Public DNS
  8. Google Ideas
  9. Google Person Finder
  10. Google Accelerated Mobile Page [AMP]
  11. Google Firebase
  12. Google Cast
  13. Google Stadia
  14. Google Youtube TV

Now we have cleared that which products and services are in the Google Product List, but now we will try to find the work of all those products and services.

  • Google Web-Based Products:

1.Search Tools:

1.1- Google Search- It is a web search engine which is a pioneer product of google. 

1.2- Google+ -It is a social networking service by Google, but unfortunately, it terminated since 2019.

1.3- Google Images- It is an image-based search engine used for searching for images through its file name of the picture.

1.4- YouTube- It is a video surfing platform of google. It came into the google family 2006.

1.5- Google News– It is a news platform from Google that comes with 20 languages and selected by the human editors.

1.6- Google Finance- It is basically for Business and financial news platforms where the latest news about enterprises and companies posted by google.

1.7- Google Shopping– It is an online product search platform where people can buy products online.

1.8- Google books– It is a book lovers platform where you can read all your favourite books. 

1.9- Google Patents- Patents Search engine, which includes Drawings, Claims & Citation.

1.10- Google Dataset Search- It’s a data search engine which searches data from local sources or government sources. 

1.11- Google Scholar- It’s a search engine for academic journals, research books.

1.12- Google Hotel Finder- It is a hotel finder search engine that includes check-in and check-out details.

1.13- Google Alert- It is an Email notification service that alerts you when any new web search results come.

1.14- Google Assistant- It is an Artificial Assistant, which is controlled by your voice.

1.15- Google Custom Search- It creates customizable search results for websites. 

1.16- Google Flights- It used for flight searches includes price comparison and flight recommendations.

1.17- Google Groups- It is a web group chat or email group chat where one can upload a post or article.

1.18- Google translate– It is a translator engine.

1.19- Google Slides- Google slide is a beneficial tool for making a presentation.

1.20- Google Documents- It is using for making a presentation like PowerPoint, which is a beneficial application. 

1.21- Google Forms- It is using to create an online form for recruitment or survey. 

1.22- Google SpreadSheet- It is using for making an excel file, word file, or PowerPoint presentation.

1.23- Google Web History- It records all your search preferences, which you had searched in the past.

2.Google Advertising Services:

2.1- Google Ads- Its primary function is to display ads that sponsored, and it shows the ads next to the search results according to consumer’s search behaviour.  

2.2- Google marketing platform- It is a web analytic tool that is using to track the website traffic and make reports. 

2.3- Google Ad Manager- It uses to drive maximum traffic to your site and generate more revenue for the sponsored company or website.

2.4- Google AdMob- It is a mobile advertising network that works for advertising on android, IOS, and other platforms.

2.5- Google AdSense- It is a text-based advertising service that displays ads according to their content. 

2.6- Google Ad Grants- It is a free ad service to charitable organizations.

2.7- Google Tag Manager- It is using for the management of javascript and HTML tags.

3.Communication And Publishing Tools:

3.1- Google Cultural Institute- It is google’s art project

3.2- Google-FeedBurner- It is used for News Feed also traffic analysis and advertising.

3.3- Google 3D Warehouse- It used to make 3D models By using Google Sketch Up.

3.4- G Suit- It used for Enterprise, businesses, startups, educational platforms

3.5- Google Hire- It is a Human Resource tool that provides service to employers to find employees. 

3.6- Google Blogger- It is a weblog platform that helps bloggers create the free domain and hosting provided by Google.

3.7- Google Bookmarks- It’s a free bookmark storage service by google.

3.8- It’s personalized shopping and find Fashion goods.

3.9- Google Calendar- It is a calendar service that comes with Gmail service, and also you can add events and can do many more things.

3.10- Google Docs- It is a service by which you can make documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and surveys.

3.11- Google Charts- It is a user-supplied javascript Web-based chart image generation tool. 

3.12- Google Business Solution- This service is for businesses to reduce the time of operations. 

3.13- Google Hangouts- It is an SMS and video chat platform.

3.14- Google Drive- This service is for online backup and cloud storage space.

3.15- Google Domains- It is a domain registration service. 

3.16- Google Play Music- It used for music upload up to 50k for free access to music. 

3.17- Google keep- It’s a Note making service.

3.18- Gmail- It also called google mail, which provides IMAP and POP mail service even it is an essential product in Google Product List. 

3.19- Google Meet- It is a video conferencing platform. 

3.20- Google Poly- It helps creators to Create, share, and download the 3D models.

3.21- Google Sites- It is a web page creation tool that helps businesses and individuals.

3.22- Google Accounts- It controls how a user appears and present on Google Products. 

3.23-Google SMS Channel- It used for creating a channel and subscribing to the channel on SMS. The (channel) must be base on RSS feed. 

3.24- Google Voice- This is a Voice mail service that only available in the United States of America. 

3.25- Google Speak To Tweet- It is a Telephone service created in collaboration with Twitter that allows users to call on a specific phone number or send voice mail on that. 

3.26- Google Fonts- It is a web font API.

3.27- Google Classroom- It is a content management system used in Schools for providing assignments to the students.

3.28-Google Cloud- It is a smart search engine service that allows Google suits (Gsuits) business customers to search across the G-suit products. 

  • Google Development Tools:
  1. Google Developers- The open-source coding platform and API services that allow project hosting for free till 2016. 
  2. Google app engine- It write and run web application which is also an essential thing in the Google Product List.
  3. Google GO- The programming language.
  4. Google Flutter- An across the platform for mobile in IOS and android.
  5. Google Dart- It is a web programming language.
  6. Google Open Social- It is an API used for building a social application on many websites.
  7. Google Page Speed Tool- It used to optimize the webpage speed of a website. 
  8. Google Search Console- It is a sitemap making and submission tool and an analysis tool for the sitemap. 
  9. Google Web Tool Kit- It is an open-source JAVA Software development program that allows developers to make AJAX application in JAVA.
  10. Google Translator Toolkit- Which is a multilanguage translator tool that is very useful and essential to the Google product list.
  11. Google Gerrit- It is a code collaboration tool and widely used by web developers.
  12. Google Test- It is a Framework of testing in C++
  13. Bazel- It is a free software tool used for automatically develop and testing applications software.
  14. FlatBuffers- A library of free software.
  15. American Fuzzy Lop- It is a fuzzer of free software.
  16. Guava- A core library for java.
  17. Google Clouser Tools- A javascript tool.
  18. Google Collaboratory- Platform where you can write using python code.

1. Map Related Products:

1.1- Google My Maps- It is a mapping service by Google that shows streets, vendors, and businesses and it is a very very important product in Google Product List.

1.2- Google My Maps- It is a social custom-making mapping tool based on google maps.

1.3- Google Mars- It is like google earth, which shows the surface of Mars from google maps interface. 

1.4- Google Moon- It is a NASA imagery of the moon through the google map interface.

1.5- Google Sky- It used to view stars, planets, and galaxies.

1.6- Google Transit- It is a public transport transition through the Google maps interface.

1.7- Google Santa Tracker- It used for especially on Christmas eve to track Santa clause.

1.8- Google Smarty Pins- It is a game of geographical trivia that features the google maps pin.

1.9- Google Zygote Body- It used for 3D animation of the Human body. 

2. Security Tools:

2.1- Google reCAPTCHA- It is a user-dialog system that prevents bots from accessing websites.

2.2- Google Safe Browsing- It is a blacklist service for websites to avoid malware and phishing content. 

3. Statistic Tools:

3.1- Google Survey- It used for market research and also called a market research tool. 

3.2- Google Analytics- It used to analyze your website traffics, and so on. 

3.3- Google Fusion Table- It used for visualizing and gathering arbitrary Data.

3.4- Google FireBase- It is a licensed collection of a structured database. 

3.5- Google Public Data Explorer- It is a public database explorer widely used to collect data by this platform.

3.6- Google TensorFlow- It is a machine learning program that simplifies design and more visible.

3.7- Google Trends- It is a platform where most people search for the latest news or article or fashion or something else that trends the most.

  • Operating Systems:
  1. Google Android- It mostly used in smartphones and tablets based on the Linux operating system.
  2. Google Chrome OS- It is a web application based on the Linux operating system.
  3. Google Glass OS- It is an operating system for Google glass.
  4. Google Fuschia- It is an unknown OS that predicted to be use in laptops and smartphones.
  • Desktop Applications:
  1. Google AdWords Editor- It is a desktop application that used for maintaining the Google AdWords account.
  2. Google Earth- It is a 3D model of earth which uses the google maps platform, and sync google photos from its repository. 
  3. Chrome- As you all know, it is very famous and mostly used web browser in the world.
  4. Input Tools- It is basically an input tool that used for insert supported language in any Keyboard.
  5. ToolBar- A web browser tool ar that includes the features, i.e., pop-up blocker, google search engine, etc.
  6. Japanese Input- It is a Japanese input tool. 
  7. Pinyin- It used for converting a western-style keyboard into Chinese style character. 
  8. Google Android Studio- It is an open-source platform to develop android applications. 
  9. Web Designer- It is a web designing tool.
  10. Google Drive- A cloud platform used for store documents, images, videos, files, etc. 
  11. Google Photos Backup- An application used for backup your photos in google cloud and can restore in any device that you want to sync in.
  12. Backup and Sync- It is an application for backup your data and syncing it in the device you want to put.
  13. Tilt Brush- It is a painting game.
  14. Nik Collection- It is an image editing plugin used for adobe photoshop.
  • Mobile Applications (Mobile Web Applications):
  1. Google Drive- It is a cloud platform used to store photos, videos, documents, etc.
  2. Google Photos- It used for storing unlimited photos and videos.
  3. Google Play- It is the platform used to download the android application.
  4. Gmail- It is a free mail platform by google that used for sending and receiving mail. 
  5. Google Calendar- It is a free calendar service that used for saving and reminder for life events. 
  6. Keeps- It used to Create, organize, and access notes and lists.
  7. Google Map- It is a free map service by google.
  8. Map Navigation- It is a navigation service by google by which you can navigate your location. 
  9. Google News- It is a news platform by google that is edited by personal blogs.
  10. Google Products Search- the service by Google that can be use to search Google products on the Google product list.
  11. Google Search- It is a search engine that helps you to find or search for everything you want.
  12. Google Pay- It is a money sending and receiving platform by which you can pay or receive money through anyone, anywhere and anytime.
  13. Google Pay Send- It is useful for peer to peer money transfer through google pay.
  14. Google Translate- It is a handy tool for peoples who are facing problems to translate any language into its language. It is a translating tool by google.
  15. Google Quick Draw- It is an online game of guessing what drawing represents.

1. Mobile Stand-Alone Applications:

  1. Google PlayBook- In this platform, you can download and store your favourite book.
  2. Gmail- All knows what is about the product.
  3. Google Catalogues- It is a shopping application for tablets and computers.
  4. Google Authenticator- It is an authenticator tool; basically, you can say, multiple fact authenticator.
  5. Google Drive- By this tool, you can store or download photos, videos and documents from google drive.
  6. Files By Google- It is a file cleaning tool by which you can browse archives and offline transferring of data/files.
  7. Keeps- It is a platform where you can make notes as well as you can browse them.
  8. Goggles- An image-based search engine by which you can search for anything by clicking its photo or image.
  9. Tango- This platform allows developers to create multiple application through APIs.
  10. Google Maps- I think I don’t have to explain what is a google map. All we know that what is a google map and how it works!
  11. Google Play Music- This platform allows you to find music and browse music that you like. You can also download music from this platform.
  12. Podcast- This is a platform where you can podcast your podcast channel. 
  13. One day- It allows users to donate something to non-profit organizations who is part of googles non-profit program.
  14. Sky Map- It is an augmented reality application that shows you stars and other things that we see in the sky.
  15. Google Primer- This platform is for learning digital marketing.
  16. Google Sync- This platform allows users to sync your android phone to google calenders or google contacts.
  17. Hangout- It is a messaging app by google by which you can do video chat or video conferences.
  18. Google Now- This platform allows users a personal assistant that can operate through your voice. 

So readers now I think that you are very clear about all things about Google Product List and Google Services.

So thank you for reading.

Take care yourself with your family in this pandemic. Bye…..


Aditya Rout.

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